Hello. We’re Valari Solutions, A Digital Agency Located In Minneapolis.

Build It!


We have the capabilities to bring your ideas to life.  We can help you from any stage:


Grow It!


If only the saying “If you build it, they will come” were true!  Building your website/app is only the beginning.  We have the expertise to properly grow your audience and encourage engagement.

Web Development

  • Websites for local businesses.

  • Full stack web apps.  AKA your “Facebook killer”.

We stay on top of all the latest technologies so you don’t have to.  We understand your end goals and grab the right tools for the job.

App Development

Whether you are looking to create an MVP to test the market or a full featured mass scale launch, we have your back.

We use React and React Native to efficiently develop iOS, Android, and Web Apps.  Our deployment partner is Google Firebase.

Game Development

Ideas are meant to change the world. Have yours? Let’s make them real today!

Dreams come true. Games too

AR / VR / Metaverse

Join the next chapter of the internet. This is the moment to take advantage of a new world where everybody will be in. Don’t stay static. Go meta and beyond.

Tools We Play With

Let’s Chat!

We would love to hear about your idea or project.  Reach out to us for a free consult!

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